Find out what the Dallas Cowboys and the largest not-for-profit health care system have in common

In Texas, football is religion. From pee wee to the professionals, this sport has a very special place with the Lone Star State. Irrespective of whether its residents support Longhorns or Aggies, the Cowboys or Texans, Frisco or Centennial High School, there is one team on the state’s altar of football that everybody can support.

Texas’ largest not-for-profit health care system, Baylor Scott & White Health, the Frisco Independent School District and the Dallas Cowboys have teamed together to develop a game-changing sports research, medicine and performance facility at The Star in Frisco, which is the brand new home of the Cowboys’ World Headquarters. This facility will change how amateurs and professionals approach injury prevention and sports medicine.

The three hundred thousand square foot Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research facility at The Star is under construction at present and it is scheduled to be completed by 2018. This complex is going to focus on research, injury prevention and promotion of wellness for athletes at all levels.

CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health, Jim Hinton, said that the innovations that will soon b focused within the walls of the building symbolizes a larger shift in the healthcare system of America. There will no longer be the need to wait till an injury or illness strikes, but they will be having an upper hand to try and prevent it in the first place.

For injury reduction and prevention, the facility is going to make use of state-of-the-art tools. It will also attempt to hasten the overall recovery process. The goal of the facility is to make Texas the safest state in the nation to play sports, via an innovative approach to care and communication among coaches, athletes and parents.

The most vital component of the new facility is going to be its connection to the Frisco community and a school district that takes a lot of pride in its youth sports programs.

Jeff Cheney, Frisco Mayor, said that they see athletes as a chance to grow strong leaders and compete at a high level. They are ecstatic about the partnership of 2 of the most distinguished organizations in Texas whose commitment and values to the community perfectly align with their mission. He further added that their kids also strive for excellence in the same way that Baylor Scott & White and Cowboys does.

The youth of Frisco is hugely benefitted by the support offered by Cowboys. With each of the 9 varsity football teams of Frisco playing some of their home games at the twelve thousand seat Ford Center at The Star, starting with the yearly Star Kickoff, there is always a chance to find the Cowboys players engage with the community.

Jerry Jones, Jr., executive vice president of the Cowboys said that last year’s Star Kickoff saw several of their players walking over to the Ford Center after they finished with their workouts to catch some of the games. Among the players were Sean Lee, Dez Bryant, Orlando Scandrick and Cole Beasley. The players were on the sidelines cheering for the high school athletes, taking selfies with their fans and interacting with the crowd. It was a fabulous experience for both Cowboys and Frisco.

Frisco is well-known for its diverse community, exemplary schools and Sports City USA culture. It is also a magnet for highly-skilled workforce who is attracted to Frisco’s athletic-focused, family-friendly atmosphere. Located about twenty-five minutes north of downtown Dallas, Frisco has been one of the most fastest-growing cities in the US for 2 decades.

As the collaboration of the Baylor Scott & White and the city has grown, so has the attention from athletes at the top-level. In March next year, Frisco will be welcoming the 2018 Conference USA Men’s & Women’s Basketball Championship teams to participate in the Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research facility. This is just one example of how the facility will serve athletes of all levels.

The Cowboys are also looking forward to the new facility.

Jones, Jr. said that the Dallas Cowboys want to stay on the forefront of pioneering the evolution of sport. He said that their vision is to develop a destination that is grounded in wellness and health, sports medicine, sports performance and nutrition. The standard-bearer for improving and innovating the future of sports on a global level is going to be Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy and Research at The Star. This unique facility will become a destination of athletes on all levels – amateur, professional, high school and collegiate.

With safety and sports medicine on focus, there has never been a better time to enjoy football in Texas, especially in Frisco.


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Vuln!! Path it now!!

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Revamped Payday Loan Regulations under review

As the 2016 summer weather has continued to heat up so, too, has the drama surrounding payday loans, car title loans and other types of alternative financial services. From the most popular news websites to popular talk shows, payday loans are being discussed quite a bit. Why so much attention right now? Because in June the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) officially published its proposed rule to regulate payday loans, title loans and other types of alternative loans. The CFPB has even asked the public for feedback on the proposed rule.

Financial experts have even been tasked with looking the rule over and letting the public know what they think about it. Though payday loans have been a hot topic, financial experts have repeatedly stressed that the general public still lacks a fundamental understanding of payday loans, and the alternative financial services industry in general. Being as most media pieces on payday lending rules seem to be centered on the CFPB, it is easy to understand why some people tune out when they hear this topic being addressed. Understanding the new rule, what the CFPB is trying to do and how the payday lending industry could be affected by the rule are all things that American consumers should pay closer attention to.

The CFPB is officially recognized as an ‘administrative agency. What the heck does that mean? Essentially, an administrative agency is a lawmaking organization that specializes in a particular area. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency is one such agency that makes laws related to the environment, and the IRS (boo!) is the best known administrative agency related to revenue processing. The CFPB is a relatively new administrative agency. It was created as part of Dodd-Frank back in 2010. The Bureau was given the power to make laws related to consumer financial issues. It does this by creating rules. Once those rules get finalized they become federal law. The public is being given the opportunity to review the rules the CFPB creates, and we can also comment on any proposed rules. The official name of the newest rule is the “Payday, Vehicle Title and Certain High Cost Installment Loans” rule. It proposes to implement new consumer “protections” that the CFPB states will prevent consumers from getting into long term cycles of debt.

It is important for people to check out the rule and provide feedback. This is especially true for people who operate payday lending locations, work at them or enjoy having the ability to take out the types of loans that they want to. The proposed rule is currently available to look at on the CFPB’s website. Be warned, though, like other laws and federal rules, the new rule is very wordy and reading all of it could take a good chunk of time. Don’t let that dissuade you from at least giving it a look and deciding for yourself what you think about the proposed rule.

Going online for most folks may be more about checking out news sites and social media sites, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a bit of time out of your day to check out important stuff, like this proposed new rule. A lot of opponents of the CFPB have accused the agency of running roughshod as of late. Looking at the new rule and then finding out what opponents of the rule believe will help you to be better informed about this important topic. Just because an administrative agency has the power to do something that does not necessarily mean that it should. Take a look for yourself and let the CFPB know what you think.

Payday Loans: Debunking the Myth of Inflated APR Charges

Make no mistake about it – payday loans are no longer just loans for consumers to take out if they need access to fast money. These types of loans have quickly become political cannon fodder for government agencies, elected individuals and consumer watchdog groups. And as we all know very well, when something becomes politicized, people will say just about anything to get their way. The opponents of payday lending know that they can easily make accusations against the industry that tugs on the heartstrings of people around the country, and that by doing so they will further their political agenda.

One of the most heinous lies that gets passed around and picked up these days is the mistruth about payday lenders charging sky-high APR fees. You can look on the Internet and easily find dozens of articles where the charges are made that payday lenders charge 300 percent, 500 percent or even 800 percent APR. Those numbers are crazy-high, and it is easy to understand why people might think that if payday lenders are charging those kinds of APR fees that they are taking advantage of American consumers.

Here is the thing, though… Payday loans are one of the only forms of loans in this country that don’t ACTUALLY accrue APR. The mainstream journalists, consumer advocate groups and government agencies don’t what you to know that. They insist on spreading the obscene APR lie, and people seem to eat it up like candy. Payday lenders charge FLAT RATE FEES. What does this mean? It means that if someone takes out a loan, they pay a certain amount of money (in the form of a loan fee) plus the amount of money that they borrowed.

A lender might charge $15 for a $100 loan. The two weeks of the loan term goes by and the borrower pays the lender back $115. Seems easy enough to understand, right? No annual percentage rate was involved with this loan. The $15 fee did not accrue any interest; it remained the same flat rate that the borrower agreed to pay when he/she took out the $100 loan. So how are the opponents of payday lending able to get away with their outrageous claims?

It is simply a bit of book cooking that these folks are up to. They take the $15 fee and apply it to an absolutely worst-case-scenario type of situation. They suppose that the borrower just doesn’t pay the loan back on time, and rolls the entire amount over into a new loan, with an additional loan fee. So now that $100 loan would cost the borrower even more. Then they keep extrapolating the original loan out over the course of an entire year. That’s how they come up with those scary headlines about payday lenders charging super-high APR fees.

The math just doesn’t work out like that in the real world, folks. Sure, there are some people who are unable/unwilling to pay back their loans on the original due date. Some of them roll their loans over into new loans. The majority of borrowers, however, pay back their loan on time. There is no year-long journey of interest building up like crazy on these loans. The borrowers pay them back, and get back to business as normal. And the people that do roll loans over usually do so with paying the loan back as quickly as possible in mind. No one tries to see how long they can go without paying, as that would be crazy and super expensive.

Yes, some people wind up not paying at all too. The same way people decide not to make credit card payments or other types of loan payments. But those are outliers and by no means reflective of the vast majority of American consumers. Just as the people who don’t pay back their payday loans in a timely manner are exceptions and not the rule. Most folks pay their loans back on time, they pay the original flat rate loan fee and that is the end of the story. But that is a story the CFPB and other watchdog groups don’t want you to hear.

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Low Checking AccountCheckbook

Is your checking account running low? If you need a loan to avoid those costly overdraft fees fast cash online may be the solution. Use the payday loan to keep your bank from charging for each item bounced.

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Did your car break down? Perhaps your child had a medical emergency and you had to miss a day of work. A payday loan will help you to make ends meet until your next paycheck. Nobody plans on an emergency happening, that is why it is called an emergency. Unfortunately an emergency can easily become a major financial setback. With a fast cash online loan you can make it through the emergency situation and still pay your bills.

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 Need a Cash Advance to Make That Big PurchasePersonal Loan

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You can get fast cash online to take that well-deserved vacation you need. Whether it is a weekend of golf or a girl’s day at the spa everyone needs a little time away. With a quick and easy online payday loan you can be packing your bags in no time.

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